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Hi Team. I really need urgent help in my final year project. A wedding planning venues website that allows users to pay for venues and wedding items via PayPal's service. I need the final project code, an overview documentation, SRS, ERDs, Q&A, and other files the lecturer has outlined in the project requirements.

A video is required for proof of working website. Host it somewhere and send me the link. I heard you are a team of geniuses, please make this work (and quick). Best Regards.

Project details
Developers AceLords
Lead Email
Date of release 15 December, 2016
Last update 19 December, 2016
Project site Wedding Venue Website

15 December, 2016

Hi there. we are passionate web designers, always looking out for new and fun ways to play with code. We have successfully completed several projects, both individually and as a team. Catch us in several blogs and tech forums around you :-)

We are big fans of open source software. Are You?


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Geniuses! Just got a distinction from your work! I'll be bringing more clients soon.

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