November, 2017

Codebase Upgrade to one step higher

The codebase is much cleaner, secure, and faster! (Freelance - "Quadrology" v3.0.2)

Once again the codebase of all our products get a huge boost straight from insid...

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March, 2018

SEO + Domain Perfect!

More Power Unveiled from our Latest Update, Featuring improved SEO + Domain-Specific Improvements (Freelance - "SEO Hunter" v3.1)

After weeks of brainstorming ont he best way to go about SEO, we have finally co...

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March, 2018

Manage Orders + Urgent Orders Improvements!

Manage Orders + Urgent Orders Improvements! (Freelance - "Orders UX Hunter" v3.2)

Summary:  The urgent orders & manage orders pages have received a...

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April, 2018

Blog Hunter!!

Internal Blogs Baked Right at the Heart of the Core System! (Freelance - "Blog Hunter 1.1" v3.4)

We took in your requests, heard your cries, and boom! We are here again to relea...

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October, 2019

User Account Mgmt (Activation and Deactivation) Just Got Better!

Finally, our efforts pay off! You requested it, and we heard you! Users will now live under your mercies! (Freelance - "Ze Activator" v4.4.2)

This much awaited update now comes with these special features: Activate Acco...

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October, 2019

Writer's Available Orders Filters Just Got Even Better!

Search, Filter, Search!! Now writers can filter available orders in a more intuitive manner. It's here, and it's better! (Freelance - "Filter-Somnia" v4.4.3)

Search, Filter, Search!! Now writers can filter available orders in a more intui...

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October, 2019

Student/Client Action Buttons!

The student action buttons are back! And yes, they are beautiful as well as intuitive! Who said buttons need to be ugly?! (Freelance - "Student-Dash" v4.5.0)

Action buttons include: Cancel Order. Approve Order (with rating + reviews b...

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October, 2019

Introducing Announcements

Finally we're Introducing announcements in the latest system version. They can be targetted to a specific department, group of users, or between two users. (Freelance - "Announcer1point0" v4.5.2)

Announcements can be targetted to these parties: Group of Users Department ...

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