Blog Hunter!!

Internal Blogs Baked Right at the Heart of the Core System!

We took in your requests, heard your cries, and boom! We are here again to release this massive feature, baked right inside at the heart of the system!


We have taken extra steps into ensuring smooth operations in the handling of blog. We understand that you need to keep your visitors interested by prividing fresh articles on your website, without having to rely on the slow nature of CMS such as WordPress, Statamic, and others.


With this update comes an extra role that we would like to call, 'Mr SEO-Expert'! This person is charged with ensuring juicy articles are posted in time, SEO is also maintained throughout the system and also ensure that old content is recycled and brought to life!

And you know what, we are not stopping there! As we said earlier, we are working on a major system rewrite update that will shake the web community! You load the page once, and never have to reload the page again! Better UI, UX, U-name it!


We will keep you posted!

Yours warmly,


(Project Developers)

Released On : 29 April 2018, 11:53 pm

Version : 3.4

Code Name : Blog Hunter 1.1

Product : Freelance

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