Codebase Upgrade to one step higher

The codebase is much cleaner, secure, and faster! image.jpg

Once again the codebase of all our products get a huge boost straight from inside the core files! 

We know you have all been wishing for extended features to be integrated into your individual systems, and this major update does just that! 

With this update, you can request for most changes and features be integrated right inside your pre-existing systems. For instance, if you would like to have a 2-factor authentication system without having to shut down your system for maintenance, it's now possible:- and its a breeze!

Other mods installed in this update include a refined system for integrating themes/templates. For those with a multi-site enabled system, it is possible to have upto 20 domains, each with its own theme but sharing same dashboard and intelligent statistics. This is a major advantage on your side, given that you do not have to hve a freshly-redesigned system from scratch. Pretty cool, huh?


Other changes include major UI changes, a fresh minty-looking admin dashboard (to differentiate from other dashboards), improved order flow process, among others.

Contact us to make a mind-shuttering deal with us. Remember, IF YOU THINK GOOD ARCHITECTURE IS EXPENSIVE, TRY BAD ARCHITECTURE!

Released On : 4 November 2017, 09:53 pm

Version : 3.0.2

Code Name : Quadrology

Product : Freelance

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