SEO + Domain Perfect!

More Power Unveiled from our Latest Update, Featuring improved SEO + Domain-Specific Improvements

After weeks of brainstorming ont he best way to go about SEO, we have finally come up with the best way for presenting different content to SEO beasts such as Google and Bing. This SEO update is major and concentrates more on delivering domain-specific SEO content. The multi-site enables system will highly benefit from this update, as there will be no need of constructing an entirely different website to take advantage of this.


Another major update revolves around domains too! We have refactored the internal parts of the system to centralize the management of different accounts you may be having. We understand that you may own one to ten accounts from one specific site (e.g, and another five from another site (eg. Essay We plan on making meaningful interpretation of data by leveraging the extra insight power unveiled in this update. 


There is more than meets the eye! Just dive in and press on buttons you never realised existed before! Bon voyage!

Released On : 11 March 2018, 11:20 am

Version : 3.1

Code Name : SEO Hunter

Product : Freelance

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